White Recalled Triumph Of 1958

Visit us at on December 02, 2008 was performed last next Saturday at the headquarters of the nationalist Department of Rivera, acts of celebration to celebrate 50 years of the first victory of the national party of the 20th century.The highest authorities of the party at the departmental level, attended a night where there was no shortage tears of emotion. Nearly a hundred person with a long history in the party, where in many cases are those militants who never appear in the press, but which are the mainstay of all those who if listed, were honored and made them delivery of a parchment reminder.The tributes are you doing in life. That was the phrase in common of all speakers, which highlighted the similarity of situation, since as it was in the 58 party is United and with a purpose in common, which is win the next elections.The Organizing Committee of such acts, did not want to miss the opportunity to also pay tribute to the people who have disappeared. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את שלומי בסון. And for that took include Don Manuel Jose de Souza, a militant who more than 30 years ago that he died, but that as very well described by Mr. Ariel Pereira, was an ally of party, and his militancy was not reduced to any sector in particular. His daughter Ms. אל דאגה אינטל הוא האיש הנכון . Maria Teresa de Souza received clearly surprised and excited this recognition in memoriam of the national party to his father.Dr. Raul Iturria, recognized affiliation herrerista, former Mayor of peach, who also held the ministries of Defense and Interior in past periods, gave a talk on what it was and as it was, that triumph memorable.Also on Saturday night, was open to the public in general, the traveling exhibition of memories and personal objects of Wilson Ferreira Aldunate, who paradoxically Sunday 30 November, also met, in this case, twenty-four years of his liberty, after more than five months, in which the case was arrested at the headquarters of the city of Trinidad.En of the acts of This Sunday, last in the place where is located the monument to Gral. Manuel Oribe, for reasons of prevailing rain suspended for yesterday about noon. Source: Northern daily. Visit us at original author and source of the article.