The Child

The news rumostomados for the Lingustica from Chomsky, with gerativa and transformativa agramtica, without dvidatm revolutionized the psicolgicosrelativos studies to the language, causing, consequently, one retaken deposition of the Didactics of the Language, nasteorias of the learning and in the Pedagogia in general. Referring to ensinode languages foreign (alive), the reformasmetodolgicas most important already concretizadasem the whole world had been a result of aplicaodas estruturalistas theories, starting with the systematic usodidtico of eudio-verbal audiovisuais, and the application of the teoriagerativista-transformacional of Chomsky, of which if desenvolveramdiversos methods of alfabetizao, directly or indirectly. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את אבי קושניר. We understand easily that it has very narrow umarelao between the thought and alinguagem. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל שלומי בסון שמבין יותר ממני. That it has a interdependnciarelativa between them exactly, in such a way that many thoughts and muitosconceitos would be unrealizable without the aid dalinguagem and that it is, when exteriorizada, asimbolizao of the thought; when interiorizada, the basic element of its organization. Domesmo way, was not difficult to understand that todosos men have a competncialingstica, more or less evolved, a nosentido to more obtain or not speech or menosabstrato and more or less complex, either in active way (producing it), either in passive way (understanding it).

Ability estakes is always enough to organize personally agramtica of the language from the sample the one that to seestiver displayed. more, that it has evoluoextraordinariamente to regulate in all the race human being es in the race human being. Given universal essacompetncia, the acquisition dalinguagem is natural spontaneous in all the normal sereshumanos, since that they are placed in contact with outraspessoas that they use some language during one perodomnimo. At last, it is important that let us remember to quea acquisition of a language nativaindepende of special cares and they excuse same them, therefore que exactly necessary is that it becomes childish is displayed to a language during osprimeiros years of its life. more still, that aaquisio of the language (or one segundalngua) more difficult will be medida that the child exactly goes advancing in age, being very difficult for an adult, and quaseimpossvel, if to think about a perfect learning.