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The Therapist

Axline (1972) detaches despite, in cases of problems of social adjustment the therapy in group can be beneficial, but in cases of serious emotional difficulties, the individual therapy better seems to be indicated. ESTABLISHING RAPPORT In accordance with Axline (1972), to the first contact of the child with the therapist, this, it must express a sincere smile indicating heat, friendship and shelter. The child must feel itself protecting and received as it is without no form of daily pay judgment or discrimination. According to Scheeffer (1985), the shelter if characterizes for the acceptance, understanding and the capacity of communication. The acceptance is demonstrated through the hospitality, of the interest, appraises it, the expression of the body, in the emission of sincere feelings for on condition that the patient/child during the process. אל דאגה אבי קושניר הוא האיש הנכון . So that it has understanding is necessary that the therapist (tries) if places in the place of the child, and understands to the maximum as affects it to the suffering.

Already the communication must be made through the reflection of the emotional content instead of the fatual content. The reflection foments clarity of the emotional content, that promotes in the child an objective perception of its emotions, that consequentemente the aid to understand better its suffering. The IMPORTANCE OF PLAYING Barreto (2007) in its work emphasizes the importance of the playful activity? playing? for the therapeutical process and the socialization and learning of the child. It detaches that such activities make possible the children to revivenciar of form distress elaborative them that in its daily one they oppress and they cause suffering. Still in accordance with the author, the tricks promote meeting with its equal ones, make possible social interaction, promote autonomy, reciprocity, capacity of reasoning and of argument, that is, playing promotes therapeutical benefits and physical, mental and social development in the child who plays. Richness (2007) in its text ' ' To play Viver and Aprender' ' , also it defends that playing it is a real activity for that it plays, for it is through the trick that if frees a trauma, that is, to play is a language, a form to express the feelings and to free behaviors.

The Child

The news rumostomados for the Lingustica from Chomsky, with gerativa and transformativa agramtica, without dvidatm revolutionized the psicolgicosrelativos studies to the language, causing, consequently, one retaken deposition of the Didactics of the Language, nasteorias of the learning and in the Pedagogia in general. Referring to ensinode languages foreign (alive), the reformasmetodolgicas most important already concretizadasem the whole world had been a result of aplicaodas estruturalistas theories, starting with the systematic usodidtico of eudio-verbal audiovisuais, and the application of the teoriagerativista-transformacional of Chomsky, of which if desenvolveramdiversos methods of alfabetizao, directly or indirectly. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את אבי קושניר. We understand easily that it has very narrow umarelao between the thought and alinguagem. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל שלומי בסון שמבין יותר ממני. That it has a interdependnciarelativa between them exactly, in such a way that many thoughts and muitosconceitos would be unrealizable without the aid dalinguagem and that it is, when exteriorizada, asimbolizao of the thought; when interiorizada, the basic element of its organization. Domesmo way, was not difficult to understand that todosos men have a competncialingstica, more or less evolved, a nosentido to more obtain or not speech or menosabstrato and more or less complex, either in active way (producing it), either in passive way (understanding it).

Ability estakes is always enough to organize personally agramtica of the language from the sample the one that to seestiver displayed. more, that it has evoluoextraordinariamente to regulate in all the race human being es in the race human being. Given universal essacompetncia, the acquisition dalinguagem is natural spontaneous in all the normal sereshumanos, since that they are placed in contact with outraspessoas that they use some language during one perodomnimo. At last, it is important that let us remember to quea acquisition of a language nativaindepende of special cares and they excuse same them, therefore que exactly necessary is that it becomes childish is displayed to a language during osprimeiros years of its life. more still, that aaquisio of the language (or one segundalngua) more difficult will be medida that the child exactly goes advancing in age, being very difficult for an adult, and quaseimpossvel, if to think about a perfect learning.

For Vygostky

The identity of the citizen is estimated, and of this form to each restituted moment. 9%D7%95%D7%9D-%D7%91%D7%A8%D7%93%D7%99%D7%95-%D7%97%D7%99%D7%A4%D7%94-%D7%95%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8-%D7%A2%D7%9C-%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%A7%D7%93-%D7%A1%D7%91%D7%99%D7%91%D7%AA%D7%99-%D7%A9%D7%94%D7%97%D7%91%D7%A8%D7%94-%D7%AA%D7%AA%D7%97/441148356306385/’>שלומי בסון יכול לקבוע . It is configured in the relation with the others, that identify the individual as he himself. In this manner, objetifica for the secular character, formal attributed to the identity, what it appears as part of the incarnation of the totality of it, confusing the representation ahead of the others with the expression of totality of the individual. עוד מידע על רב שמואל אליהו ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. According to Erickson, cited for Gallatin (1978, p.187): ' ' The identity is configured for a conscientious direction of the individual singularity, an unconscious effort to keep the continuity of the experience and a solidarity stops with the ideals of grupo' '. The identity goes beyond a process of identification in elapsing of the construction of I and the development of the personal identity that is tied with the proper history of the citizen. The identity procedurally is constituted in the personality. The joint of the possibilities and the sustentation of the direction make with queos individuals, they are configured in the search to come to be a citizen. The notion of the citizen, as it affirms the cited author, is constructed from a complex thought, that is, for the capacity to join concepts that if they reject mutually.

Already for Morin (1996, P. 45), the citizen notion: ' ' It is contrashed, thinking the against-version from the against-addition, that is, is the resultant juxtaposition of the cognition, the affective one, of the language, but the joint of these in the possibility to support the position of the citizen, to be somebody estimates to become somebody, to construct-se' '. For Vygostky, she is in the interaction human being who occurs the construction of the citizen in concrete situations of life, and in the constitution process the necessities, the affection, the cognition, the volition and the historicidade as indissociveis of the subjetivao process are articulated.

Language Communication

As it fortifies that this new conception leads to a necessary destranscendentalizao of the reason, through which the language if manifest in particular languages and histories and for these characteristics it does not allow that it has a strict separation between the transcendental and the empiricist. To follow the dinamicidade of the language, the linguistic make use of the descriptive grammar, in which the rules and principles are presented that inform the people as to create and to understand the use of the elocutions in its language (DAVIDOFF, 2001). It is through this media that the human being initiates many times its cognition regarding the language, with its rules and concepts, establishing of this form half specific of if expressing in definitive social groups. The basic role played by the language is analyzed as form of communication, interaction and externalizao of the thought, is impracticable to imagine psychology without the use of this cognitivo process. The language is the main used tool for the psychologist. The language if modifies throughout the time, and each society possesss its proper language that is constituted socially. The psychological language suffered many influences in elapsing of its history that it initiated with the philosophy and later with the three great schools in psychology, estruturalismo, bureaucracy and associationism and for the main boardings, psychoanalysis, mannering humanismo and (BOCK; STOLEN; TEIXEIRA, 2005).

Psychology possesss a theoretical diversity? decurrent metodolgica of its boardings that constituiram it a specific language historically. Each boarding to possess linguistic terms that are used for the psychologists differentiating these boardings and the way to understand and to help the human being, and consequentemente this diversity of terms influences in the communication, mainly in the communication between the proper psychologists. BOARDINGS TERICO-METODOLGICAS psychology became science from its ' ' libertao' ' of the Philosophy, where new studious and searching they had started to produce new standards of knowledge production, through the definition of object of study and delimitation of its field of study, as well as the formularization of methods and theories of study regarding this object.

The Child

All this revolution inside of Psychology if gave from the gerativistas and transformacionalistas ideas of Chomsky and its sequazes. In any way, the subject, disciplines or it, is of great importance for who is worried with the problem of the language, its evolution (learning or acquisition), its pathological behavior and its problems. The THOUGHT AND the LANGUAGE the PERCEPTION, the CONCEPTS AND the SYMBOLS As the thought and the language narrowly are joined in its users, are necessary that the possible interferences that one of them can have on the other, as well as the way are analyzed for which they become related. In its book, Methodology of the Language, J. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את שלומי בסון. Budin teaches: ' ' It has innumerable experiences whose objective is to know the extension of the infantile mental representations. Objects and figures can be presented to the child in order to verify if it knows to give nomes.&#039 to them; ' These experiences are made thus because it assumes that the concepts, the thought, the perception and the language are elements that if find on narrowly between itself. What, by the way, it does not leave of being truth. However, it is fact already known that ' ' the knowledge of a pertaining to school are, in rule, greaters of what its capacity of exprimiz them verbalmente.' ' From the perception he is that the child formulates its first and more elementary concepts, representing the objects for the thought (that, probably is previous to the language), by means of its general characteristics. Again it is Budin that will support in them with its words: ' ' The infantile concepts limit it the ones that the child makes to objects and what the objects produce in it. Only after learning to speak it includes in its concepts other people’s experiences, fact that only processes lentamente.' ' What it is understandable, given the complexity of the language.