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The Sakura Shrimp In The Aquarium

Sakura shrimp are good breeding a color intense variation. It is still not quite fully understood according to current knowledge whether the Sakura shrimp is a breeding form the red fire / red cherry shrimp is. In the Internet you can read that these shrimp come from Japanese breeding farms and select there under control and constant were bred. “The red fire / red cherry shrimp Latin Neocaridina heteropoda” generally is a shrimp that is very variable in colour, it is there already in the different colors, I think the version in addition in a separate tank as a yellow fire shrimp. You have to select it through and careful breeding that each set inherits the colors now. For me personally, but the Sakura of the highest level of quality achieved by the way Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese meaning”and embodies the sense of beauty.

Anyone who has seen a cherry blossom in full glory, with the pink-white flowers know where from I’m talking about. The Sakura shrimp is very potential and especially the females show that with forward advanced age with a solid bright red up to the walking legs which thus also consistently shine in the color. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל Ilan Ben Dov שמבין יותר ממני. The smaller male is also equipped with an opaque bright red, but she not get the color density of the females. The young animals show astonishing way already the beginnings of intense red hue. But to get the perfect Sakura’s descendants must selects but regularly and rigorously. The males can not inherit ever intense colouring and if here would let free nature it could happen that the Sakura would lose colour intensity. Because I’ve known me as a lover of Sakura, the form is an absolute asset to the farming of shrimp in the Aquarium.

Also Sakura shrimp in the Aquarium are group animals, individual animals will feel not very well in the Aquarium and is looking for a suitable place to hide, you will not very often have to face. To start, a group of at least ten shrimp is recommended. The shrimp should fill correctly probably will multiply them quickly and then form a very strong group. The population will automatically regulate the shrimp, there are too many, is also not a young set. Red fire / Sakura, Neocaridina heteropoda var.. Red size: up to 2 cm in length, age: max 2 years, water temperatures: 16 C to 28 C, total hardness: up to 16 of Baba, carbonate hardness: pH Lennie up to 12, value: 6.0 8.0 press contact: Thomas Wiehe, Hamm Road 60, 46045 Oberhausen E-Mail:, Internet:

Friedrich Loffler

Goats are friendly and lovable animals with a huge urge to move. To times of war, the goat was the poor man’s cow”and saved, secretly on the Loft kept, so some family over the poor war years. In the Netherlands were taken by these coercive measures not only the existence of many smaller goat farms (50-100 goats) but was also the heart, which kill with the ripped out these animals. Maybe we learn people as consumers through such events, whether it goes only so: faster, higher, further, cheaper in the discounters or we have our future in the hand where we feed ourselves more consciously, buy, and develop an appreciation of the animal and all food and move in the context of the possibilities to support the regional rural sales. But it may be that resourceful tinkerer in the future the “laying eggs PC”, the “milk-releasing Kuhdrahtgestellt” and the “meat out of the retort” man to prevent further epidemics invent, so”all animals in this world can get rid of.

Or but we discovered the wool milk sow eggs in a still unexplored jungle of this earth”. Even if it means. that the demand for goat’s milk is so great, that one is forced to build up such milk factories, small goat dairy farms are forced on the other side to surrender, regional does not utilize the milk of her 30-50 goats in spite of all efforts and settle. And animals in such bulk plants are exposed to much greater by not welfare stress inevitably, what makes them turn more vulnerable to diseases. Not others, certainly not the animals, are responsible for our consumption habits. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of טבע תעשיות on most websites. We humans need to learn to take responsibility for our own actions and actions in the future. “” Report: Carola Heider-Leporale photo: it is also unlike “Carola Heider-Leporale specialist journalist for goats mean blog animals and nature” thank you this way for the friendly cooperation with the Department of agriculture, nature and food quality of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, the Friedrich Loffler-Institute in Greifswald, the LAVES in Oldenburg and the land Lower Saxony goat breeders association in Oldenburg without their willingness to provide information this article would not have been possible. Author’s Note: until the release were still answers to questions at the Dutch Ministry of agriculture.