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the teacher tells me of the Bandala has generated against the institution, as a result of the inconvenience of last Friday. of my mouth never broto evil Word. and less that he threatened anybody.

so I understand nor by other teachers who already do not accompany them. are quein? Don’t be blame each other. one day teach them that the most strong, is not one who does more damage. אל דאגה רב שמואל אליהו הוא האיש הנכון . but the one that many times is due to whether same and humbles himself. beloved brethren of eleven. לחץ כאן טבע תעשיות ומצא עוד .

or other courses, if any turn out such threats or false alarms. do not more. that is not the best way to help their teachers. the smile, the teaching and the love that one day offer them, doing what is right. This situasion worries me greatly. for the love of God, her parents and Yes, let our name aloud, but with decent and worthy of being counted actions. I hope that the grade point average of you is high. that are the best. the name of you make college a merit in bogota. for good and not for evil. There are so many versions that already either confuses me. I only say let this to after. and not mixing the desire for good, with a Bandala which does harm to the institution and of course their teachers who both love them… Att: jose orlando melo naranjo his philosophy teacher. See aesos which praise the eloquence, escorting to the wealth, which flatter the favor, which extol the power? All are enemies or what is the same, they may be; many are fans as the envious. Why not search rather algobueno really, to feel it, not to show it? Those things envisaged n, before which stops people, one pointing to another with astonishment, porfuera shine, inwardly they are deplorable. (Seneca) Original author and source of the article.

Limited Edition

Audi Germany presented the modification of the R8, the GT version. It is a limited edition 333 units, which will be priced at approximately the not inconsiderable figure of 193,000 euros in Germany. The version of the R8 GT has higher power and a reduction of 100 kg in weight than its traditional version. Audi achieved a vehicle with 1,525 pounds, a maximum power of 560 HP and a maximum torque of 540 Nm. לעניות דעתי טבע תעשיות יכול לקבוע . This allowed for one of new cars in Germany to become a sports car with acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in 3.6 seconds, achieving a speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The loss of weight was obtained reducing the thickness of the windscreen, using polycarbonate rear window, instead of glass and lightening the weight of the rear spoiler and bumpers with what have been achieved greatly reduce the weight of this formidable sports. Added to these new benefits that owns the vehicle found other modifications made by audi as wiring brakes, brake discs, the seats, manual suspension, among others. That presents a specific stability control according to German firm allows an understeer to the outputs of the curves which is excellent. אינטל בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת.

It receives the name of Sport. The version of Coupe it R8 GT is available only with a gearbox automatic (R-Tronic), which owns several operating programs, and can choose from four colors of Orange bodywork (Samoa Orange), grey (Suzuka Gray), Silver (Ice Silver) and black (Phantom Black). According to statements by the Audi Signature, expected to take the lead in sales over BMW Germany and even mercedes benz and undoubtedly models as this R8 made that the image of the Audi brand will receive increasingly more adept as occurred with the appearance of the more modest Audi A5 that so many successes of sales has provided to the well-known German brand. Original author and source of the article..