2,1 Mathematical education and the changes in education New methodologies such as: the concrete History of the Mathematics, modeling, materials and Resolution of Problems, placed in the form of dinamizar the similar process to cure the deficiencies of pupils and professors with respect to education and learning of it disciplines, are in certain way challenging, therefore To learn Mathematics of a contextualizada, integrated and related form to other knowledge brings in itself the development of abilities and abilities that are essentially formadoras, to the measure that instrumentalizam and structuralizes the thought of the pupil, enabling it to understand and to interpret situations, to assume themselves of specific languages, to argue, to analyze and to evaluate, to take off conclusions proper, to take decisions, to generalize and for many other necessary actions to its formation. לא תמיד רב שמואל אליהו . (BRAZIL, 2002, P. 111). Exactly with the new methodologies contributing for the learning, valley to stand out that many times the difficulty in learning of the pupil is on to a deficiency acquired in relation the interpretations of texts. In the mathematics lessons, the pupils are accustomed to decide the problems where in the statement they visibly appear the numerical information, therefore for they facilitate plus its understanding. Frequent this is attributed to it deficiency, the lack of comprehensive, necessary reading for the interpretations of the statements, where the data appear implicit in text form.

The construction of knowing in the mathematics lessons demands a rigorous analysis with regard to education and the learning, therefore it is very important that the boarded didactics for the professor is most understandable, making with that the pupil does not create an aversion to the mathematics due the complications submitted for the professor, that can be prevented. Using itself some hypotheses, it is evidenced that … main interest of the didactics is to study and to describe the conditions necessary to facilitate and to optimize the learning, on the part of the pupils, of the contents of education of the mathematics.