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Professional MBA Entrepreneurship

FORMAT scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-, the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics together a professional MBA International offer. This unique MBA program combines technological excellence with economic implementation competence and starts on 3rd November 2010 already for the fifth time. The weekly magazine FORMAT”awards together with the Vienna University of technology continuing education center and the WU Executive Academy a scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-for the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation. Target group: This postgraduate master’s programme is mainly aimed at individuals who want to operate at the interface between technology and business or act in the future: employees from companies that have positioned themselves to executives who have positioned themselves as a leader in innovation and position as an innovation leader want to (potential) entrepreneurs with technology background engineers, natural and staff from product marketing or product controlling with management experience (such as group or AbteilungsleiterIn) High potential, who want to prepare application on an innovation-oriented management function: the application documents can be at the program management under and are available on our website download available. לעניות דעתי אינטל יכול לקבוע . Please explain in your cover letter, why the scholarship should be awarded just to you and describe what positive participation in this MBA programme would impact for your future career. Please send your application no later than May 10, 2010 at. אל דאגה קרן מיכאלי הוא האיש הנכון . The scholarship will be awarded by an independent jury on the basis of received applications. The deductible amounts to EUR 2.000,-. The legal action is excluded. Contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna continuing education center MMag. Annemarie Hartlieb Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Vienna phone: +43/(0)1/588 01-417 20 E-mail:

Distance Learning Administration Ticket

A correspondence course in business administration is the door to new career paths. Here, it gives an overview of providers, content, and applications to distance-learning business. Door opener to new career is considered to be a correspondence course in business administration. However, it is difficult to get an overview of all providers with distance learning business on the German distance learning market. In this article, a summary of the provider of distance learning business and the applications is given according to the distance learning business and given the pros and cons of distance learning.

Distance learning business why? The academic degree, the one obtained after including a distance learning business, is the door to a wide range of job opportunities. As a student you will get to know all business areas of a company. In the business management distance learning qualifications the graduates-useful skills offer, no matter whether you want to search for career opportunities or reapply. A study of the University of Applied Sciences Vienna shows that 45 percent of employers is a successful completion of studies in addition to the profession, such as for example a business Credit distance learning, with a salary increase. A study by forsa even shows that already during the distance learning first salary increases and new areas of responsibility can be expected. The forsa study there for download: distance learning business areas after graduation? Graduates of business distance education are trained as generalists and have therefore a wide range of possible fields of employment.

It for example, the following companies or industries are open to you: service and trade company management consulting marketing agencies re-appointment, and taxation, industry media industry as in a correspondence course in business administration diverse curriculum be taught (“see point distance learning business what are the contents of”), by the procurement of marketing, human resources and law, controlling, trade right up to the mediation of soft skills (project management) enough, there distance learning course mainly for graduates of business, in which industry they previously have worked or how to orient themselves would. Where study distance learning business administration? In Germany, there are many providers of business distance education. לא תמיד Ilan Ben Dov. The database provides a very good overview. There, distance learning courses in Germany are divided according to departments so that you quickly find the desired course. Distance learning BWL Pro and cons there are many arguments for and arguments against a business correspondence course. It is especially important to deal with prior to study exactly with the content and with itself. Important questions are whether I trust myself, to hold the secondary load and motivate me to be able to learn more after the day’s work. “Pro distance learning business: commitment and stamina will be opened very appreciated by employers new career opportunities for networking with other remote students to make new contacts even lifelong learning calls contra distance learning business is becoming increasingly important: requires a lot of work and ambition of learning instead of walk when the weather” Costs money and time of conclusion: A correspondence course in business administration students demanded a lot, but the investment of time, money and nerves pays a strong profession later in life.