We are many people that we survive, every day, to the informative spectacle offered by the media to their readers, listeners or viewers using us according to their interests and forgetting the code of ethics report instead of creating States of opinion in such a way that the journalist, it lost its independence to become pure puppet advocate that works and environment that pays you. It was in 1971 when was founded the Faculty of information sciences, pioneer in Europe, they were the last years of the dictatorship by what first graduates celebrated their titles with the arrival of democracy and freedom of expression became a hole in each medium. Doctrinal faculty spirit manifested itself in every place where there was a news, citizens, recipients of these, they expressed their views create a rich and cultivated landscape, ideas appear in every bar, every Office, on the street and everyone at the University, 18, 19 and 20 year olds that are curtian for upcoming challenges, was a living Spain, an informative Spain rowing in the same direction, because the House under construction was all and although each window had a different, rather than a handicap, but on the contrary view, the sum of ideas made the product a success. However in recent years are witnessing the conversion of the media in factories where the product that must be sold are hybrids of news and statements of opinion that struggle to discredit the opponent, where the mathematical operation changes its sign to subtract and where journalists appear to have suspended holidays to become mentioned puppets poster losing respect for the citizen and ignoring its obligations academic. But this informative struggle by selling its product despises the listener, reader or viewer with closest to other times pride stakes because creating an opinion is restricting the freedom of the receiver as well as degrade the own Faculty of Sciences of the information that looks more like conferred on all chairs and masters of nothing. Today, and before this new informative modality, we approached perplexed informative judgments by the mere fact of having the title, ignoring the matter, so the informational analysis ignored technicians, for the benefit of journalists. Perhaps we should go back to our history where the architects wrote on architecture, lawyers commented on rulings of the judiciary, or where athletes felt on sport, professional staff which mostly, in no way desvirtuaba the news. But I fear that journalistic egocentrism is able to return to their principles and especially when it has exceeded the borders of equity for positioned above the democratic powers have given us..