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The Problem

The inevitable emotional load causing the problems fairly contributes to the Commission of this error. In the majority of cases we just have the ability to visualize the problem partially. Rarely it is impossible to understand the causal relationship. And this is most severe between greater and untimely is the problem. The first thing that causes the problem in us is a reaction.

Our thoughts and our actions are first placed in the part of effects that has this causal relationship. There goes the attention and early efforts. Normally this behavior has a highly emotive content and therefore confuses more comprehensive perception of the problem and more difficult your subsequent solution. Later started the reflective approach towards the problem to better visualize and begin to understand it and, of course, later still the process of identification and evaluation of the causes of the problem. Sometimes the latter is not performed at all. When it is time to solve the problem, the difficulty of the task is closely related to the character of the first reactions and with the degree of understanding of the problem and its causes has been reached.

And in the majority of cases the following occurs: the initial reaction to the problem did not help anything and ended up increasing the negative effects. Our understanding of facts and causes is almost as limited as the solution itself that we are putting into practice. Interact in this way with the problems is not helpful and may be even dangerous, taking into account that not only problems are inevitable in the course of life, but are part of a relentless routine that nobody is exempt. Probably the saddest result (and the most expensive) which produces this vicious circuit is the negation of a fundamental fact of the nature of the problems: and is that each one of them actually presents an opportunity.

For Hartmann

Which differ qualitatively, possessing properties irreducible and on whose blend and combination are born the visible things, confusion, separation, and mixing are what determines the formation of things. On the basis of these seeds which I call Aristoteles Hemeomerias. These seeds were initially confused and without a warrant; they were all together in primitive chaos only to able to be ordained by the spirit, intelligence, mind. Originally from the Hemeomerias mass underwent a whirlwind impelled by the spirit, by 33 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Dilthey made the distinction between natural sciences and Sciences of the spirit, to designate these last a group of Sciences characterized by spiritual scientist method. Freyer classified forms of objective spirit in groups consisting of formations with their own meaning, tooling, signs, social forms and the educational process. Understanding spirit goal objectifications of the individual life or equipped with sense forms a whole.For Scheler, what distinguishes man from other animals superior and in general from the rest of reality is the spirit or principle. That in his words it opposes all life in general.

For the individual act par excellence is the intuition of essences, and notes that characterize the spirit are freedom. If awareness and objectivity. For Hartmann, spirit is the point of contact between the human and the ideal. And it is part of being where the values are penetrated. As we can see these definitions they possess something in common, clear analyzing the spirit as something superior to matter. לא תמיד נפתלי בנט.

Not be that conception ye acepteis, is your freedom. The mia the expose in another Treaty. You may wonder and intelligence? Well that is another point. But if you apreciais the above definitions. I tell you that you have good material, more of you, everything leaves well. Now if you define intelligence.Intelligence we know that a faculty or function of the intellect, in sense metaphysical is San Agustin, I use the term Latin intelligentia to designate Faculty of the human soul that is superior to reason and that it leads to an inner vision that only is possible through divine illumination.


the teacher tells me of the Bandala has generated against the institution, as a result of the inconvenience of last Friday. of my mouth never broto evil Word. and less that he threatened anybody.

so I understand nor by other teachers who already do not accompany them. are quein? Don’t be blame each other. one day teach them that the most strong, is not one who does more damage. אל דאגה רב שמואל אליהו הוא האיש הנכון . but the one that many times is due to whether same and humbles himself. beloved brethren of eleven. לחץ כאן טבע תעשיות ומצא עוד .

or other courses, if any turn out such threats or false alarms. do not more. that is not the best way to help their teachers. the smile, the teaching and the love that one day offer them, doing what is right. This situasion worries me greatly. for the love of God, her parents and Yes, let our name aloud, but with decent and worthy of being counted actions. I hope that the grade point average of you is high. that are the best. the name of you make college a merit in bogota. for good and not for evil. There are so many versions that already either confuses me. I only say let this to after. and not mixing the desire for good, with a Bandala which does harm to the institution and of course their teachers who both love them… Att: jose orlando melo naranjo his philosophy teacher. See aesos which praise the eloquence, escorting to the wealth, which flatter the favor, which extol the power? All are enemies or what is the same, they may be; many are fans as the envious. Why not search rather algobueno really, to feel it, not to show it? Those things envisaged n, before which stops people, one pointing to another with astonishment, porfuera shine, inwardly they are deplorable. (Seneca) Original author and source of the article.

White Recalled Triumph Of 1958

Visit us at on December 02, 2008 was performed last next Saturday at the headquarters of the nationalist Department of Rivera, acts of celebration to celebrate 50 years of the first victory of the national party of the 20th century.The highest authorities of the party at the departmental level, attended a night where there was no shortage tears of emotion. Nearly a hundred person with a long history in the party, where in many cases are those militants who never appear in the press, but which are the mainstay of all those who if listed, were honored and made them delivery of a parchment reminder.The tributes are you doing in life. That was the phrase in common of all speakers, which highlighted the similarity of situation, since as it was in the 58 party is United and with a purpose in common, which is win the next elections.The Organizing Committee of such acts, did not want to miss the opportunity to also pay tribute to the people who have disappeared. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את שלומי בסון. And for that took include Don Manuel Jose de Souza, a militant who more than 30 years ago that he died, but that as very well described by Mr. Ariel Pereira, was an ally of party, and his militancy was not reduced to any sector in particular. His daughter Ms. אל דאגה אינטל הוא האיש הנכון . Maria Teresa de Souza received clearly surprised and excited this recognition in memoriam of the national party to his father.Dr. Raul Iturria, recognized affiliation herrerista, former Mayor of peach, who also held the ministries of Defense and Interior in past periods, gave a talk on what it was and as it was, that triumph memorable.Also on Saturday night, was open to the public in general, the traveling exhibition of memories and personal objects of Wilson Ferreira Aldunate, who paradoxically Sunday 30 November, also met, in this case, twenty-four years of his liberty, after more than five months, in which the case was arrested at the headquarters of the city of Trinidad.En of the acts of This Sunday, last in the place where is located the monument to Gral. Manuel Oribe, for reasons of prevailing rain suspended for yesterday about noon. Source: Northern daily. Visit us at original author and source of the article.

Zelaya Morales

The Honduran President was removed from his post by wanting to perpetuate in the throne, as they try to do all dictators bolivarianos. Morales was the first to criticise the military intervention in Honduras, and is not for nothing. עוד מידע על אינטל ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. Bolivia is the country which has suffered more coups, and the indigenous President shivers of panic thinking when your turn will come. It is that question time will arrive.

In the same way that Chavez, Correa, Ortega and anyone who believes that you can use democracy as an excuse to impose a Presidency January and lifetime, which is the politically correct way of say totalitarianism. לא תמיד אינטל. When Morales says that they gone are the days of coups, should think also they ran dictatorships times. Descuajeringo to 21st-century populists the map. Did not expect that the Honduran people adjournment. Because they are not the armed forces rebelled against the would-be President for eternity. Congress and civic institutions are not in accordance with the desire of Zelaya from changing the Constitution to prolong his mandate.

The example of Hondurans is to reconsider the rulers in all countries where you do not want to release the power, and that includes alvaro Uribe. In Latin America should not exist re-election, nor Vice President. Re-election is clear. Once up, the Presidents become addicted to adulation and the pleasures of power, seek to become irreplaceable warlords, and are capable of anything just to stay in their palaces. The desfachatado Morales said that it should respect the wishes of the Honduran people to change their laws. Therefore it is not the Honduran people but its former President who wanted to do it. In the same way it happened in Bolivia when he decided to do the same.

Limited Edition

Audi Germany presented the modification of the R8, the GT version. It is a limited edition 333 units, which will be priced at approximately the not inconsiderable figure of 193,000 euros in Germany. The version of the R8 GT has higher power and a reduction of 100 kg in weight than its traditional version. Audi achieved a vehicle with 1,525 pounds, a maximum power of 560 HP and a maximum torque of 540 Nm. לעניות דעתי טבע תעשיות יכול לקבוע . This allowed for one of new cars in Germany to become a sports car with acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in 3.6 seconds, achieving a speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The loss of weight was obtained reducing the thickness of the windscreen, using polycarbonate rear window, instead of glass and lightening the weight of the rear spoiler and bumpers with what have been achieved greatly reduce the weight of this formidable sports. Added to these new benefits that owns the vehicle found other modifications made by audi as wiring brakes, brake discs, the seats, manual suspension, among others. That presents a specific stability control according to German firm allows an understeer to the outputs of the curves which is excellent. אינטל בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת.

It receives the name of Sport. The version of Coupe it R8 GT is available only with a gearbox automatic (R-Tronic), which owns several operating programs, and can choose from four colors of Orange bodywork (Samoa Orange), grey (Suzuka Gray), Silver (Ice Silver) and black (Phantom Black). According to statements by the Audi Signature, expected to take the lead in sales over BMW Germany and even mercedes benz and undoubtedly models as this R8 made that the image of the Audi brand will receive increasingly more adept as occurred with the appearance of the more modest Audi A5 that so many successes of sales has provided to the well-known German brand. Original author and source of the article..

Sebaceous Problem

For all those who are faced with acne, I will say so precise, how to eliminate acne of the face. You must be careful with the steps to follow, because if done improperly, the results are not guaranteed. In reality, the results depend on the quality and quantity you have acne. In some very special circumstances, acne becomes a problem complicated with many variants. The strongest present pimples and some other demonstrations elsewhere in addition to the face. If you are in a case as well, do not hesitate even a moment what to do go to the doctor. Your dermatologist, is intended to resolve situations as well, and only with your help can find the right medication. If the situation is different for you, and only has the annoying problem of acne on the face, it is necessary to have a few tools, before entering directly from address the problem of acne.

Acne occurs when in the body, the hormones of some species begin to alter and give the body the orders to produce more Sebaceous secretion. In the case of the face, pores, not being prepared for this amount, they become clogged and causing what is normally known as pimples. To delete them, it is necessary to have a regime of regular hygiene, otherwise, were never eliminated and aggravate the problem rather than deleted how to remove acne of the face? So wash your face daily maximum three times a day, minimum 2. Use a neutral SOAP, or if it has visited a medical dermatologist, do it with SOAP prescribed by him. Use an astringent or cleaning solution to the face. Here you can use more natural veneers or commercial products. A method there are 100% natural try and guaranteed to eliminate acne in days, not months. To get rid completely of acne forever, read as I couldn’t do it by clicking here.

Making Pancakes

People with celiac disease have many difficulties to get meals suitable for them without TACC, i.e. without wheat flour, without barley, rye without and without oats. לעומת זאת, טבע תעשיות בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. You can in fact buy meals salted sidereal prices and homemade food of first instance never look tasty until after several attempts but the celiac needs to feed and if you are in search of a sweet food the difficulty increases a lot because all fresh food is made with wheat flour which is a poison for their altered bowel. Similarly the homemade is difficult many times of the sweet foods for the same reason, i.e. which allowed flours are difficult to manipulate if you don’t have the proper experience, which obviously acquires after having tried several times to achieve a good recipe for Celiacs. Here we are going to develop an easy recipe for pancakes or crepes that then you can fill with any sweet already is dulce de leche, jam and all that pleases you and also can be filled with ham and cheese for a salty meal.To start we put into a bowl or container cornstarch sifted which we are going to add a few eggs.

We mix the ingredients to homogenize them beating them with a fork and add a pinch of salt, and we are adding water or milk preferably the latter to make them more substantial, the amount needed to achieve the consistency of pancakes. List once the mixture put a little butter in the skillet and put it on the fire to add a little of the mixture with a ladle as we would with common pancakes. Once cooked can be seen from one side it give back with a palette and if we have lots of practice, we do jump to the pancake so you fall out of the opposite side and leave it to cook. We will thus making pancake for pancake to fill it with sweet you want or the salt according to taste.


Do not listen to friends, when the friend inside you says: do this! Gandhi. All the time, and particularly when it has to do with the topic of Web projects that I am conducting, there are people who try to discourage one with your comments. Also however happens that one is surrounded by positive people who treats you give encouragement. I said: tries to give you encouragement. And I’m right.

What happens is that many times ignored the characteristics and potential of the phenomenon of monetizing the web that do not meet your own expectations of them to hear words of encouragement. Instead, one is with a total indifference on the part of those loved ones. Is clear that we don’t have to hold accountable them at all, it is more not even has that undermine our self-esteem; What perhaps can do is try to explain to them what the project or in its case with facts show the end result of that noble effort that one carried out by means of projecting fullness in your life and thus can one influencing the other. We must understand that knowing what one does is not obligation to them. Our task is to express our happiness by be doing what moves you in life. If it is the duty of us to project enthusiasm and creative effort in each one of the activities that one performs. I hope that they are being to your liking these small daily reflections which I held to take a positive attitude as when one takes a cup of coffee. Recommended by: original author and source of the article.

How To Properly Install A Safety Seat

Starting the 12 until September 18 will be free inspections of children’s safety seats in stations distributed throughout the country. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל רב העיר צפת אוזן קשבת . The national administration of traffic safety on the roads (NHTSA) shows that most children won’t properly secured in their safety seats while there are children unprecedented numbers traveling in car seats at the national level. Every year that passes, we lose hundreds of child passenger lives in crashes, said the Secretary of transportation of the United States Ray LHood. Parents and people caring for children should make sure learn how to properly install child safety seats. The mistakes that are made often are using wrong car seat for weight or age of the child; not well fasten the anchor belts of the car seat to the vehicle seat; and use very loose safety belts of the automobile with the booster seats (booster seats). Safety tips for children 1. To obtain the highest possible protection wear your baby in a car seat facing backwards in the rear seat.

Take it in this position until you have at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds of weight. 2. When the child is at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds of weight you must take it in safety seats facing the front, installed in the back seat. Do so until a minimum age of 4 years and a weight of 40 pounds. 3 After this stage the child must travel in a booster seat (booster seats) installed in the back seat. Do this until the vehicle seat belt fits him properly: when the lap belt lies along the top of the thighs and the shoulder belt fits appropriately throughout the chest (usually at the age of 8 years or when measuring 4 9 height). 4 When you exceed this stage, the child can go in the back seat and using the safety belt fit le adult correctly (the lap belt passes along the upper part of the thighs and the shoulder along the chest). Ask for help during the national week of the safety of passenger child from 12 to 18 September, the parents and the people who care for children may make to review safety seats for children in one of the thousand free inspections stations that there will be throughout the country; and verify that the seats are properly installed. Bilingual certified inspectors will be available to answer questions and help to properly install safety seats for children. For more information and to find a station in your area, call 1-888-327-4236 or visit and original author and source of the article.