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Women and Weight

Even the slender women who do not have problems with being overweight, there are constitutional flaws as "breeches", "Popinot ears", "corners", the figure of 'pear' deposits at the front, back or inner thighs, etc. AND it is not "the last weight" and not cellulite, as erroneously believed by many, and fat entirely different nature, to get rid of that almost impossible, because no cosmetology program, no physical load, or even more so the diet will not work. And a simple question – 'How to remove tabs on your hips? "- Becomes a problem. לא תמיד אינטל. But why? The fact that adipose tissue is of two types: functional (surface) and back-up (Deep). Learn more about this with Kailyn Lowry. If a person consumes more calories than you have time to spend unspent energy in the form of extra pounds "delayed" in the subcutaneous fat layer – this is a functional fatty tissue. Credit: johannes vermeer-2011. To remove namely that the surface layer of fat and focused most of salon procedures, as well as diet and exercise. But when a person loses weight through cosmetology programs, a balanced diet or sports, proportions and contours of the body continues to remain the same! Therefore, these methods can be called quickly corrected weight, not shape.

I work with a second type of fat – as backup. This deep-seated, thicker layer of fat begins to develop in women during puberty (from 13-14 years old) and continues to accumulate up to 20-22 years, contributing to the development of estrogen. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש חברת טבע צודק במה בהוא אומר. But once established a regular menstrual cycle, the body no longer needs these fat reserves, as a result they sklerotiziruyutsya (become denser) and covered with connective fibrous tissue (this is a kind of shell "locks", "off" fat from activity). It is this tissue that has fulfilled its mission and will no longer useful to the body, much spoils the life of women, which manifests itself in the form of local deposits in the outer-posterior side of the thighs and other parts of the body. How to remove the breeches of the hips, how to clean the ears on the hips, how to change the shape of the knee and reduce the waist – that's interrogative signs of fatty 'traps'. Disproportionate distribution of adipose tissue, and there is a problem.

These deposits are always present in every woman (someone more, someone less), because their formation is a natural process of becoming a shape – in other words the constitution. "Breeches", "ears" "Corners" are not affected by diet, exercise, hardware or other common cosmetic procedures because it is – a constitutional, deep-seated layer of fat, enclosed in a dense shell. The method of manual lipokorrektsii figures helps to get rid of these constitutional defects forever. Focused, intense impact on the problem area using a unique author's technique allows destroy the "fat trap" and permanently remove unsightly local deposits.

7 Signs Delays Important Case

How can you recognize that you obviously do not what you want? At each moment of your life you have a great deal. What is your life and defines. Exactly on which you have to give their all. Sometimes – it is work, sometimes health, sometimes – a personal relationship. But somehow it happens that you realize that something must be done … and do not. How can you recognize that you have forgotten the importance of? Symptom 1. You always have no time If you have a constant time pressure, you obviously piled on more than you do.

As a result, you start to fuss and wrong. Therefore, all doing poorly. So you have to redo it, apologize, and pressed for time to delay progress. Stop! You cheating yourself. You do not want to do what you need to do. בעיתון כתוב ש טבע תעשיות הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. So you are doing something else.

And to pile on more to have a reason not to do great. If you do not have time to think about what you do, you obviously do not. Discard half of the cases. It will not help, disable half more. Remember the general rule: first, important, and then an emergency. Symptom 2. Are you worried that you reach the ideal if you think that the work should be done immediately and perfectly, then you obviously lose time in vain. How the mighty oak grows from a small acorn, and serious business begins with small steps. Errors and modifications are inevitable roughness. That’s life. It is human nature err. But as soon as you start to worry about the ideal, then stopped making the case itself. לענייננו, אילן בן דב הוא הכתובת בשבילך. The ideal is actually no use to anyone. Remember that any card – this is a misrepresentation. The Earth is round. Therefore, the ideal card should have curvature. But people are using flat maps and content. So forget about perfection, and do what you get. Do not like it – fix it. Symptom 3. You do for the approval of the lot, you do not because they have to you are important, but because you think that if they do, someone will change the attitude towards you. Vain expectation. He does not love you, will you swear that you did not. To him who loves you, no excuses for this are not needed. Symptom 4. You fall for “Weak!” Variation of the previous sign. You someone told you something you can not do. So you need to prove that you can, and do so. Well, if such cases is small, but if you do everything you do to someone to prove something? Symptom 5. You are doing something is a combination of a prestigious two previous features. You both want and that you praised, and prove that you are not “weak.” And you do all this trendy and modern. Only fashion is changing rapidly. And all your attempts to become outdated quickly. Symptom 6. I have to do it It’s a great excuse to not do great. Someone forced you to make the incomprehensible something you do not absolutely necessary. Chained and Well now you just desperately need to do hard labor. Worst of all, when you yourself believe it. Well, then the situation hopeless. Symptom 7. You do not get any pleasure out of life can say that this trait combines all the previous ones. If you do what you do not like and do it day after day without respite, and the lumen, the time in your life to change something.