Professional medium for shopping now available on the Web available empty, January 28, 2011 technology know-how in the power supply gone: the ELV Versandhaus ( has released the online portal for its trade magazine ELVjournal. The website serves as a complement to the print magazine, and offers the reader further information options. Under, beginners and practitioners can read among more than 300 reports of various do-it-yourself projects, viewing videos to electronic products, or look in the Guide. To offer the readers an up-to-date and comprehensive information platform, ELV plans continuously to expand its existing range. Currently the online presence of the electronic journal is divided into 15 categories including home – PC technology, power supply, lighting and communication. In addition to the contributions from the Print Edition, the ELVjournal online has additional images and 360 views of the featured products. Theoretical basic knowledge and further information for practitioners in the ELV Guide available, which deals among other things with multimedia, automotive technology, tool and network devices. In the area of electronics knowledge takes the reader specific Assembly and connection instructions for different devices, such as the single-chip FM radio or the capacitive proximity sensor.

Close to practice close to the reader ensures the integration of theory and practice heading experts test”, in which the ELV specialists take regular different products scrutinized and detailed report on the results. This section provides an insight into the methods of the ELV experts interested. Furthermore, the portal visitors about practical examples can inform from the development and quality assurance of electronic mail-order company. “ELV involves the reader but also in the reporting, we want to know it for the reader competition: your applications and applications”. Here, customers present their individual ELV home automation solutions. Free article downloads for journal subscribers The subscribers of the ELVjournals get a special bonus: you can download all posts that are listed in the online portal, is, to read them to complete or to store on your PC.