The custom was taken over in the Christianity. In honor of the Patrona Bavariae and on the occasion numerous evening prayers and pilgrimages held the dedication of herb associated with the solemnity of the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven. The most famous are the Church ride of the Alpine farmers after Hinterriss and Munich’s pilgrimage to the Church of St. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של שרי אריסון. Mary in Ramersdorf. This time in the village of Buchenhull in the pilgrimage church as well as to the Lourdes Grotto with solemn afternoon devotions will be commemorated in the town of Bishop of Eichstatt. Woman thirties concluded at the Lourdes Grotto finds each one in memory of Mary’s sorrows near place nearby Sunday (in September). Birth for participants of celebrations in honour of our Lady with the perfect outlet are specifically equipped the patronal feast day of the assumption and the feast day of the Virgin Mary. Also every believer a day can choose a year, where he can win a perfect release by celebration of public exercises of Marian piety. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל Ilan Ben Dov אוזן קשבת .

Finally, the possibility for the perfect discharge is granted every time when crowds come gewallfahrtet. In particular in the Bavarian Tyrolean Alps, a period of pronounced devotion to Mary is the woman’s thirties. The traditions associated with the woman’s thirties in Bavaria and customs are clearly in the Roman Rumpelhanni (1916) described by Lena Christ. The origin of the pilgrimage of Buchenhull is described in the tradition, by where today the village Buchenhull spreads, a dense forest was many, many years ago. No human dwelling was far and wide to meet. In this area, a Knight once came on a hunting trip.

He wanted to return home in the evening; alone, after hours riding he was still in the Woods: he was astray. To all unhappiness, even a terrible storm erupted over the forest. The night rider gave the Spurs to his horse and then blew up.