How To Remove A Double Chin ?

In recent years, women worried about this problem as a double chin. In many cases, it occurs in people with overweight, but also it can be seen in people with normal body weight. As well fight it? 1. There special exercises against a double chin, who need to perform daily: Exercise "Smiling Cat Stretch lips into a smile, and lips should be closed. Hold a smile for about 5 seconds. Make 20 repetitions.

Through this exercise, strengthens the facial muscles, improves its path. Exercise "toothless old man," Breathe. כדאי לך לעיין אצל אינטל כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Hide both lips into his mouth and clamp their teeth. Then open your mouth 20-40 times, and the lips are still hidden the teeth. אל דאגה אילן בן דב הוא האיש הנכון . Exercise effective against wrinkles and double chin.

Exercise "howling at the moon," Breathe. Open your mouth and tilt your head back, look at the ceiling. Pull the lower lip and lower jaw forward. Stay as 15 seconds. Lower the head in normal position. With this exercise we will be able to get rid of double chin and make it more elastic neck muscles. 2. Also, to eliminate double chin once and for all, we must accustom themselves to sleep without a pillow on a hard mattress. 3. To maintain and strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin is very important to posture. Try not to slouch, keep your head straight and upright, not dropping it too low. 4. For those who have who has extra pounds, we recommend to try to lose weight: A great way to reduce double chin and at the same time to feel better. Diet against a double chin should limit the intake of calories, as well as sugar, fat and carbohydrates. A protein, fruits and vegetables are welcome in the struggle against the hated chin. 5. Simulator for the chin and neck. Located on the neck muscles, the tone of which determines the appearance of the neck and chin. Simulator helps to tighten muscles and improve your appearance!