How To Properly Install A Safety Seat

Starting the 12 until September 18 will be free inspections of children’s safety seats in stations distributed throughout the country. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל רב העיר צפת אוזן קשבת . The national administration of traffic safety on the roads (NHTSA) shows that most children won’t properly secured in their safety seats while there are children unprecedented numbers traveling in car seats at the national level. Every year that passes, we lose hundreds of child passenger lives in crashes, said the Secretary of transportation of the United States Ray LHood. Parents and people caring for children should make sure learn how to properly install child safety seats. The mistakes that are made often are using wrong car seat for weight or age of the child; not well fasten the anchor belts of the car seat to the vehicle seat; and use very loose safety belts of the automobile with the booster seats (booster seats). Safety tips for children 1. To obtain the highest possible protection wear your baby in a car seat facing backwards in the rear seat.

Take it in this position until you have at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds of weight. 2. When the child is at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds of weight you must take it in safety seats facing the front, installed in the back seat. Do so until a minimum age of 4 years and a weight of 40 pounds. 3 After this stage the child must travel in a booster seat (booster seats) installed in the back seat. Do this until the vehicle seat belt fits him properly: when the lap belt lies along the top of the thighs and the shoulder belt fits appropriately throughout the chest (usually at the age of 8 years or when measuring 4 9 height). 4 When you exceed this stage, the child can go in the back seat and using the safety belt fit le adult correctly (the lap belt passes along the upper part of the thighs and the shoulder along the chest). Ask for help during the national week of the safety of passenger child from 12 to 18 September, the parents and the people who care for children may make to review safety seats for children in one of the thousand free inspections stations that there will be throughout the country; and verify that the seats are properly installed. Bilingual certified inspectors will be available to answer questions and help to properly install safety seats for children. For more information and to find a station in your area, call 1-888-327-4236 or visit and original author and source of the article.