Heli Transair Course

When the helicopter taster course you can fly once a helicopter even the helicopter taster course was probably one of the best ideas that were ever born at Heli Transair. Frequently actor has said that publicly. Many take this unique opportunity and make the helicopter taster course, either at last some questions about flying answered to get and a lot or to enjoy the feeling to learn to fly a helicopter, even. Because these are two things that you can experience a helicopter taster course. לעניות דעתי אילן בן דב יכול לקבוע . After a profound theoretical briefing, in which one learns much about the technique of helicopter flying, aerodynamics, and many others to be practically involved already equal to the first time. Sela Ward has plenty of information regarding this issue. The pre-flight inspection performed by the participants themselves, and of course not lacks the control and support by an experienced pilot, because safety is the first commandment. The absolute highlight at the helicopter taster course is the first flight. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל חברת טבע אוזן קשבת . Here, the participant has the opportunity to take the wheel yourself and experience the feeling, a complex Aircraft control. Therefore the helicopter taster course is used also as a basis for decision making, whether or not someone seeking pilot training. Because when the helicopter taster course you have also the opportunity to learn a lot about the activities of the pilot and not only to learn but to experience or even execute. Of course uses the addictive for many after the helicopter taster course and a career as a helicopter pilot that begins