Catch Youth Marketing

The purchase joyful youth target market is consumer industry a very attractive but also highly complicated target group: young people never had a such a large budget, their consumption desire was never greater, yet all the more unpredictable they present themselves to the advertising companies. But still, how do target youth? The instruments showing particularly effective? And how can young customers to brands are introduced and integrated in the long term? Young people were always a coveted audience due to their financial potential and their high consumer appetite for companies. So the marketing departments with this target group can make a familiar, every year numerous studies are created to explore so their preferences, habits, and the resulting trends. In spite of the great flood of sensational trials and evaluations allow these young people get kinda not so right in the handle. What is mainly that their settings or Are subject to and therefore difficult to calculate behaviors large fluctuations. Therefore, manufacturers experience anywhere so many surprises in the segment of young people.

Trying to find any common characteristics, which span all young people, so very clearly pronounced brand awareness occurs repeatedly: according to the current BRAVO youth study almost 80 per cent of young people share the belief that brands are becoming increasingly important. As far as the market research. Marketing professionals are now asking: How do I place successfully brand among young people? “For example, by trying this change happy” target group in smaller interest groups or scenes “to split. Because market researchers found in the 1980s that the youth per se doesn’t exist, but this comes rather from a colorful variety of individual scenes”is. Therefore, the focus of the trend evolved into scene research.

The logical consequence: The manufacturer try it no longer the major trends in a timely manner to Discover this to make compatible a brand as possible for many, but focus on specific groups and their own distinctive preferences. The objective is no longer a wide, but a specific scattering with as many hits. While the problem is that the results of this meticulously-powered surveys can be soon obsolete. “” “” “Because if for example today as a hip”, skaters, animal rights activists, Hany, Schlager fan or any scene neutral simpleton “referred to, would tomorrow again quite different call themselves.